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(no subject) [May. 31st, 2008|10:51 pm]
I just took an American Civic Literacy test here. I scored 83.3% and considered a few of my incorrect answers embarrassing. The average score for this month is 73.4%. My place relative to that feels about right to me. However, I was shocked to discover that the average score of the 7000 college seniors who took the test for the actual study was 54.2%! I can't say I have a bright view of our future if this is what passes for educated people. Ugh.
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houses are expensive [Aug. 28th, 2007|03:04 pm]
So, in taking a close look at my finances of late, I'm coming to the conclusion that while I can scrape by as things are now, life would be much easier with some extra income.  So I'm starting to think about making a serious effort to rent out my apartment.  Most of you have probably already seen it, but I'll describe for those who haven't.

1 bedroom 2nd floor apartment in my house.  Located in Westford near the Chelmsford line.  Very convenient to route 3 and not bad to 495.  Contains living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.  I'll post pictures if anyone is interested.  Plenty of off street parking available.  Plenty of storage space in the attic which is accessed through the apartment.  The utilities are shared with the main house, so I'm planning on including them in the rent.  Washer and dryer in the basement are presently only accessible through the house, but we can work something out for that.  Based on a quick search of apartments in the area, I think $700/month including heat, electricity, 20 channel super basic cable, and cable internet is a fair price.

I'm looking to rent to someone I know, or a friend of a friend that a friend is willing to vouch for.  The reason for this is that while the apartment has its own entrance from exterior stairs, the other exit is stairs that come through my house.  For fire safety reasons it's probably necessary to leave the door to the house unlocked, hence the need for a trustworthy renter.

Anyone interested, or know someone who might be?  I'm still in the process of putting up exterior siding, but all of the windows are in, so that shouldn't disturb anyone in the apartment.  I do have a bit of electrical and drywall work to do in the apartment, but if someone is interested in renting, I'll bump that up my priority list.
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Yesterday on HOUSE [May. 1st, 2007|02:47 pm]
As some of you know, yesterday I closed on my first house. It's located at 12 Grove St in Westford, MA. A bunch of pictures I took are available here.

It was originally a 3 bedroom ranch, but was later expanded by adding a 1 bedroom apartment upstairs. So, now it's a total of 4 bedrooms and 2 baths. I'm planning to make some extra money renting out the apartment, but I don't want to deal with renting to strangers. I have one potential renter coming to look at it tomorrow. If that doesn't happen, I'll put out more details.

I'm very excited to be moving into my own place. It'll be a few weeks before I actually start sleeping there. My parents are coming up this weekend to see the house, help start the moving process, and help plan the renovation work this summer. The actual move will be happening the weekend of May 19th-20th.

The only significant problems with the house is that due to shoddy gutters and lack of gutter cleaning, there is some water damage to siding and windows. So, this summer's project is to replace the windows and replace the rotting clapboard siding with vinyl. My father has generously agreed to come up for a week this summer to help get as much as possible done. The current plan is for them to be up July 13th - July 18th. I'd greatly appreciate any and all helpers that want to come by. The current plan is to work from early in the morning until noon or so, then take a break to avoid the heat, then work more in the evening. I'll have more details as it gets closer. I'll provide my endless gratitude, all the food you can eat, and all the homebrew you can drink (no drinking until after the work is done though :P)
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Accent Quiz [Nov. 2nd, 2006|12:41 pm]
What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Northeast

Judging by how you talk you are probably from north Jersey, New York City, Connecticut or Rhode Island. Chances are, if you are from New York City (and not those other places) people would probably be able to tell if they actually heard you speak.

The Inland North
The Midland
The South
The West
North Central
What American accent do you have?
Take More Quizzes

Interestingly, Val says I do have a Philadelphia accent when I'm around my family, but not when I'm not.
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it's done [Sep. 26th, 2006|12:56 am]
[Current Mood |accomplished]

I've just finished Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle. Now I sleep.
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concert quiz meme [Apr. 12th, 2005|11:40 pm]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]
[Current Music |Ellis Paul -- Alice's Champagne Palace]

1. Reply to this message telling me which of these 20 artists you have also seen.
2. Take the ones from my list that you have seen, and post them in your own LJ.
3. Add more until you have 20.

1. They Might Be Giants
2. Moxy Früvous
3. Martin Sexton
4. Ellis Paul
5. Ben Folds
6. Sister Hazel
7. Averi
8. Vance Gilbert
9. Eve 6
10. Flynn
11. Christopher Williams
12. Jim's Big Ego
13. The Low Life
14. Graham Colton Band
15. Willy Porter
16. Korn Mo
17. Chris Trapper
18. Jen Cohen
19. Kevin So
20. Muckafurgason

Hopefully I didn't forget anyone important in my rather tired state.
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Jaerb!!1 [Mar. 24th, 2005|05:56 pm]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]
[Current Music |Dispatch -- Two Coins (Hatch shell final live show)]

I haven't posted on here in forever. Today I got some actually worthwhile news, so here we go.

I got a job offer today from Venture Technologies. I'd say there's about a 90% chance I'm taking it. I'm not 100% glad about moving back to Mass, but otherwise, everything is great. The salary and benefits are pretty solid. Most importantly, the job is pretty much perfect for me. It fits excellently with my experience, both from JTAN and the MQP. I'd be doing a bunch of embedded systems software stuff, some internet/web tech stuff, and also increasing my expertise on the hardware side of things.

The move has its plusses and minuses. On the plus side, I'll be closer to a bunch of my college friends. Moving away from parents house is somewhat on the plus, and somewhat on the minus. The plusses are independence and feeling like I've truly grown up. The downside is that I can't take advantage of the cheap place to live, and I'll be away from my family all the time. The clear down sides to moving are being farther from Val, and moving away from PADA. BUDA seems pretty organized, so hopefully I can get some ultimate action there. The increased distance from Val isn't that huge a deal. If it were going from a non distance relationship to a distance relationship, it'd be a big issue. Going from a 3 hour drive distance relationship to a 4 hour drive distance relationship is really just an inconvenience.

Also, Val is down for the long weekend, which is pretty sweet.
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Like this is a surprise to anyone at all [Feb. 21st, 2004|12:26 am]
Sophisticated and classy, you take shitty-tasting liquid and make it look beautiful and glamorous!!
Congratulations!! You're a smart sophisticated and
beautiful martini!!

What Drink Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
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Guitar setup [Feb. 2nd, 2004|06:50 pm]
[Current Music |Queen -- Crazy Little Thing Called Love (live)]

While playing guitar yesterday, I broke a string in the process of changing tunings. I then discovered that I was out of spare sets of strings. So, I stopped by Daddy's junky music in Shrewsbury to pick up some strings. I almost impulse-bought the Johnson J-Station amp modeler (mainly for use as a headphone amp), but the guy couldn't find the wall wart, so I dodged a bullet there.

I got home and put on the new strings, which really needed to be done, broken string not-withstanding. The old strings had been on there for months, mainly because I've been too busy/lazy to play for a good long time. So, I was enjoying the new string feeling, when I noticed that the G-string at the 12th fret was almost half a semitone sharp of the harmonic. After borrowing some guitar repair books from my roommate Scott, I embarked on performing a full setup myself. It just doesn't seem worth paying a pro $30 to do a setup on a $150 guitar. After an hour or two of messing around, the action is lower, and the intonation is correct. Definitely worth the effort, though if I get a better/pricier guitar, I'll probably pay to have it done.
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Useless meme post [Feb. 2nd, 2004|06:21 pm]
[Current Music |Don Cognoscenti -- Molly]

create your own visited states map
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